Monday, April 27, 2009

Prison Psychic

In 1997 one year before I met and married my husband I worked at a credit card fullfillment center. There was this lady who claimed she could read palms, so I asked her to read mine for fun. This is such nonesence really but what she told me then I have never forgotten.

"Don't take this the wrong way," she says "but do you know anyone in prison?"
"What? No. That's wierd" I replied.
"Well, you've never dated, or know someone close to you that's been in prison?" She asks again.
"Not that I know of. No."
"Well, I see prison in your future....not you! But someone that you really care about, someone that you will love very deeply will be in prison or has been in prison."

Almost a year later I unknowingly married an ex-felon. I was quite niave' back then to prison I had no idea what parole meant. I knew that he was on some sort of parole or probation and that he had been released from jail or prison, but I had no idea what the difference was at the time.

Here are just a few people that I know that are/were incarrcerated since that day in 1997 and the root cause:

My Husband root cause cocaine (possession of gun/drugs)
Travis M my mom's best friend's son root cause meth (attempted vehicular manslaughter)
Ryan T my next door neighbor growing up root cause meth (trafficing and robbery)
David H Ryan's older brother root cause abuse (2nd degree murder)
Billy N my cousin mom's brother's son root cause meth (unlawful use of means)

There are more that I know now that I have met women that are in the same situation as me via support groups, but they don't count.

I just think it's crazy now how prison, indirectly, has really been a huge part of my life.

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