Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Would You Change The Prison System?


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Briandi said...

I would end truth in sentencing for non-violent offenders. 75% 1-2 class 65% 3-4 class and 55% 5-6 class
End 3 strikes
Let terminally ill and dying inmates out of prison that have a family to go home to or into hospice medic-aide
Deport all illegal inmates back to their own county not allowed to return to the US for 5 years after their sentence is completed.
Let the counties choose to take inmates back to county jails if they have the space.
Release ALL first time offenders with class 5 and 6 felonies, non-violent with 1 years or less left to serve on house arrest
Shut down 5 or 6 prisons after unloading all the inmates eligible for release and lease them out to private prison companies.
Bring back parole, and good time for good behavior.
Make prisons self sufficiant, use all that land for cattle/farms/gardens and crops.
Allow family to purchase items from a mail order cataloge approved for prison with everthing that they purchase in the stores, but have more choices so that the few commissary business compete with eachother to keep prices reasonable.
Let inmates who have insurance on the outside use it for their healthcare.
Create more rehabilitaion classes and gang prevention in juvinile and younger DOC inmates
Abolish the death penalty.
Have Christian based prisons for certain eligible inmates.
Have flat rates for collect calls. $1.50 per min with no time limits. Depending on Phase
Have a system for inamtes wives to pay the prison for conjucal visits on a monthly or quarterly basis. Rules would have to apply!
Have monthly meetings at the prison with inmates, staff (counselors), and family members to help with counseling and transistion in the last year of their sentence.
Have family visitation for inmates with children that are less intrusive and uncomfortable (I've seen this in womens prisons for mothers but not in mens for fathers)
Have on site Doctors that can do stitches and things that are simple fixes where the inmate usually get's sent off site for.
Have auditing done by third parties that show the TRUTH instead of all the COVER UPS that admin does with staff and inmates.
Put video cameras in every prison in all common areas.
Get rid of all DOC vehicles for admin, make these highers ups drive their own cars!!
Have cafeterias at visitation ran by inmates to pay for hot meals again.
Increase the utility fee to $5 per month, and open up ALL the cable channels they already have available (built in baby sitter)
Have change machines in the front of visitaion $0.50 per every $5 change it gives
I'm sure I can think of more, but I'm tired tonight!!!

A lot of these ideas would make the prison money! But would be beneficial to inmates and their families