Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home Now & Off Parole!

Update! Brian has been home now since May 24th, a day I will never forget!! I cannot believe it's been almost 9 months since then, and I haven't posted anything on my blog either. Shame on me!!

The day he was released was awesome, but events since then have even turned out better than I had ever expected. I picked him him that morning and I was riddled with anticipation I think I received about 29 text messages congratulating us for his home coming. When he stepped out of the bus and wasn't wearing orange he finally looked like my husband again. We hugged and kissed and cried, and then got the hell out of there as quickly as we could, never looking back!! We went straight to the the parole office first to get that part out of the way, and then off to the court house for our marriage license. We stopped home because the kids were on their way home from school and right as we arrived they walked in the door. The kids were so happy to see him home and they quickly ushered him out the door to meet their friends at the bus stop out front. They were all ecstatic, and just over joyed beyond words. We then hopped in the car and drove to the church to make our re-marriage to each other official, and the kids witnessed along with our bishops daughter and very simple but sweet marriage covenant of a journey only he and I would comprehend. It was surreal, but yet it felt so right that this time was better, this time was going to be different.

I had taken a two week vacation so that we could spend some good quality time together but it really was just about him getting re-acclimated to his surroundings and getting transportation and a job. His biggest concern while in prison was not being able to provide for his family he hated watching me struggle. We only had a small budget of about $7000 and he wanted a truck, and because he sells cars he knew what he wanted, but finding it seemed to be a challenge. I kept telling him that when the time is right it will come, and if we are pushing or forcing this to happen it's not the right time. A few trucks that he wanted were in Tucson but we didn't want to drive that far. Then one day out of the blue he and his dad were on their way back to our house they took a detour to look at a house and there in the drive was the truck he wanted and it was for sale $6000! A 1997 Ford F250 black, super duty diesel 4x4 with the motor he wanted! And literally just a mile or two away from our house!

His intentions on getting a job were determined and I knew that he would be working soon. I assumed that he would go back to work for the same employer that he had prior to his incarceration but that is not where he went first. I'm not entirely sure why he didn't try there first but he didn't. He was turned down for the first job he applied for due to his felonies and it really hit hard for him, I think he even shed a tear but who can blame him, he wanted that job really bad. But again, it's timing and everything will work out if you just go with the flow. He applied at a few other places, when finally he decided to go and apply with the place he worked at before. And they hired him! I knew they would! This has turned out to be a very good place for him they promoted him to sales manager of the used cars and he loves his job.

Soon after he started work I quit work. I was tired and couldn't work at Lifelock any longer. I needed a much deserved break. I haven't been back to work since and I love it!! I did start school full time in my favorite field of interior design, I finish in May and I love it!! I can't wait to start doing more.

Our relationship has been better and we love each other more I think now than we ever have. I'm not saying that things are perfect, we have our moments of regret, resentment, and anger. Well, I should say "I" have those moments. He's never much of the instigator. I need to work on that! He's a good man and he's doing the best he ever has, and for that I'm proud of him and the respect for him is returning and the trust is almost all there again. I have forgiven him of his past wrongs to me and the kids and I see that he could have easily thrown it all away, but we both worked hard to make it work in spite of all that past ugliness.

He was released from parole a few weeks ago and took his final T.A.S.K random drug test yesterday so he's officially DONE with DOC! I feel a huge burden lifted off our shoulders and we are planning our first vacation out of state soon! I think I smell Disneyland!!

On a spiritual note I need to give glory where glory is due with out Jesus Christ we would be on a slow road to no where and there is NO WAY IN HELL that we would be where we both are today. I think that having the spirit of Christ (Holy Ghost) to guide you and to help you and comfort you is the only way that we can feel OK when we go though these huge trials in life. Even when we are doing good His guidance is needed to keep us on this path of righteousness. Brian was baptised a few weeks ago & he is staying on that path and he's a better husband and father due to his choice to be a Christian. I'm so proud of him.

So 13 years later here we are still together after all the ups and downs of life; love, marriage, kids, and drugs and prison, and divorce, arrests, fun, life, vacations, lots of money, broke, toys, repos, good credit, bad credit, beautiful home, homeless, broken hearts, mended hearts, marriage, and love but through out it all at least we still have each other and we never gave up.


MizBiz said...

Congratulations, again, Misty! If I've said it once, I'll repeat it anyway - Brian is blessed beyond knowing for having such a faithful, devoted and insanely wonderful woman as his wife. When you are sticking your toes in the ocean, send a small prayer for those of us who wait for the opportunity to be where you are!

Anonymous said...

the last 2 years my man has been away ive never felt as much hope as I do after reading ur post.. Thank u!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I am happy for you both, I cant wait till my old man gets out...many many moons till then but at least he has a release date right now!