Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm amazed how things can turn around and change in a matter of minutes. My good friend, if not best friend, Anna text me that she needed a place to live and asked if I had an extra room. I DO! I have a 4 bed room so each kid has their own room and the spare is a place I keep my weight equipment. I will move it to the garage! AND to top things off I think I may have found a better paying job. I interview Monday...wish me luck!

Well, 5 days on the job and my klutz of a husband already hurt himself! It never fails, while working or playing he has manged to pass out in the heat working at a funeral ceremony and cut his chin on a gravestone, impale his thigh with a jack hammer, trip on a boat cleat and get hung up on the dock hanging by his shoe, get attacked by a motor home in motion, loose the entire head of the pic axe and practically chop his head off, chase the chain of the chainsaw down a 20 ft tree, tumble onto hot asphalt off the back of a moving golf cart going 30 mph. So yesterday he calls me and tells me "Misty, your klutz of a man already had an accident"
"Oh my gosh, what did you do this time?" I ask him
"A #10 can of apple sauce fell from 3 ft above, slamming me square on top of the head!"
I tried so hard not to laugh, and all I could do was hold my breath. But pretty soon I was busting up laughing!!
"A white shirt saw it and said that I'd better go get a CO and get medical attention, so I went to the the bathroom, looked in the mirror and blood was running down my face from the middle of my forehead. No one was able to determine if I needed stitches or not so later that day I took a shower and it wouldn't stop bleeding so I asked to see a nurse....she did nothing for me but charged me $3 for it!"

He cracks me up we laughed and laughed on our phone call last night, what a dork.

Oh, I almost forgot...he said that the can has a crescent shaped dent on the rim from his head....dude...I told everyone he has a hard head this totally proves it!