Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just Venting

Here is my new definition of AZDOC:

Underhanded, shady, extortionists that steal our money, warehouse people, expect inmates to follow policy to the book while they just continue to do what ever the hell they damn well please, because who's gonna find out or care about an inmate or let alone believe one.

I guess I need to gear up to start coming down hard on DOC again. I am so irritated with how they treat inmates in PC different than those who are in GP. Especially those who are at Sunrise. I get that it's prison, and it's not suppose to be a cake walk...but seriously, issuing clothing, pillows, blankets, sheets and jackets should be something they get on a regular basis and not have to go months and months without, only to finally break down and buy your own. Sunrise inmates can't work off complex, so they have too much idol time. They have to share only a few TV's and they are not allowed to have any POWER appliance that THEY paid for. So this causes undue issues between inmates because no one can agree on what they are going to watch, fights occur and they are bored. Idol hands are the devils workshop! No jobs, money is scarce prices are climbing in both commissary and visitation vending machines along with phone costs it's out of control.

My husband cannot have his appliances (he is not charged the $3 utility fee) but he has purchased over $400 worth of appliances that he CANNOT use. A CO attempted to give him a ticket for shaving with his electric shaver and told him he's going to have to BUY razors. He BOUGHT that electric shaver so he didn't HAVE to buy razors. Insane! He didn't end up with a ticket.

Now, their microwave breaks down so they start to use their stingers, and they are getting in trouble for it. WHAT??

He WILL not get issued new clothing because he has purchased his own. But it's CRAP the only reason he had to purchase clothing was because THEY didn't issue him new clothing in the first place. It's re-issue clothing. So he buys clothing and it takes them WEEKS to get it to him but can he KEEP it when he comes home...NOPE! He's renting it only for DOC to re-issue what HE purchased! It's EXTORTION!

He has been there for months and still has NO PILLOW, they have NO heaters there and he only has ONE blanket that has holes in it. ONE sheet and NO JACKET.

HE cannot afford to purchase all this stuff and frankly it's not HIS responsibility to do it that's what WE PAY TAXES FOR!!!!!

Sunrise does have the freedom of movement but that's what any 1/2 yard would have it's not like that's something they don't have coming to them he's in a MINIMUM yard! But they treat these guys like CRAP because they are PC. Burger the beeeoch even told one visitor to her face that she doesn't like them and if anyone grieves ANYTHING they will go to the HOLE!!

They have no checks and balances it's CRAZY!!

Today, there wasn't ANYTHING in the vending machines they were new and completely empty. The vendor showed up at 15 till 4 and said that Burger told them the unit was on lockdown so they could not come up there. It's that kinda crap that just irks me. They may have been on lock down yesterday (not all day), but vendors can still come up to the visitation area. She did this crap on purpose!

So for 7 hours we sat there with NO FOOD!

Friday the guards shook down their cells and were so disrespectful throwing their stuff all over the place....all purposely!! Did the damn dogs find anything...NOPE! But you know as well as I do they don't "want" to find anything or their reports they have to send to central will be askew and someone might get in trouble.

Now a lot of these guys LOVE it there, but most have never been on a min yard, so they don't have anything to compare it to. They are all afraid that if they complain or grieve about the appliance issues that they will get moved so they don't want anyone to complain...

Well...I'm saying fine, you don't want to give these guys appliances then give them their money back. Or give them jobs or programs make them be productive with their time so they can at least be half way accustom to the real world when they get released.

UGH....I feel like DOC is a Goliath of an enemy that unless we have more people that see the corruptness of our prison system nothing is going to change.