Saturday, November 7, 2009

~Food Visit~

Well, it's my son's 11th birthday today and he had a slumber party of 12 rowdy boys up til 1 am and up at 6 am! After grocery shopping from 8-11 (I was out of everything) I started with the food prep. I still had about 5 boys at my house all day playing The Beatles Rock Band. Yes, I have "We all live in a yellow submarine" permanently stuck in my head so I can't sleep right now. I've organized the entire house like a nesting, pregnant mother for no reason what-so-ever today on top of cooking and cleaning up...I even washed my car and had the 70K mile maintenance done on it after grocery shopping. My Uncle came into town on Friday and I hadn't seen him in 10 years (it was a very nice surprise) Tomorrow my brother-in-law and my Uncle is taking our son quail hunting and I'm baby sitting my niece tonight. I have a new roomie she's a high schooler and I LOVE IT. She's a built in babysitter so tomorrow my daughter and my niece will be in good hands while I get the day with my hubby. It's been a VERY busy day today and I can't believe I still have the energy to update my blog!!

My hubby is getting some pretty scrumptious food, I made homemade spaghetti with baby bello mushrooms, zuchinni and spicy sausage meatballs. A coyboy burger with jalapeno and cheese in the meat with pepper jack cheese thick sliced bacon with a jalapeno and cheese bun, and all the ususal burger fixin's. He's getting some carne asada and yummy pico de gallo that chopped up. A fresh salad, german chocolate cake, twice baked potatoes, and a GIANT T-Bone steak and some sushi. I'm sure he's gonna be stuffed!

My diet will not allow me to eat any of that so I get 2 hard boiled eggs and the salad. yay for me.