Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While He Was in the Hole Aug 2008-Jan 2009

Here are only just a few things that he went through while in the HELL HOLE:

He had to sit in a rec cage for over 24 hours (no toilet, no water, nothing covering him from the elements and this was end of Sept...very HOT and he had no water...finally after begging for water for hours a "sympathetic" CO brought my husband a used (by who knows what inmate) empty Pepsi bottle filled with water.

He has scars on his ankles from when they put him in ankle shackles and made him walk all the way over from Stiner to Bachman. that will always be a physical reminder of what he went through. They were bloody and scabbed when he lifted his foot to the glass the first visit.

He had to share a cell with a guy that was a major druggie and they found dope in this guys shoe when the CO's did a search of their cell. He had warned the guy that if the CO's came in and found it that he'd better own up to it....well the guy wouldn't and my husband almost ended up with a major ticket that would have brought him some major problems. Well, the CO's knew better and the other dude was given the ticket.

The second move he was put in a cell with 2 other men...one of which was a homeless looking fella that masturbated and crapped on himself all day long. And an cellie that was in a wheelchair that had been in the hole over 100 days and had sores all over his body, he was also hep c positive.

We both were lied to numerous times by not only CUI, SSU, CO's and all the ADW's, DW's but the Complex warden at Lewis himself. We were led to believe that this would take maybe 60 days at most. LIES!

His next move he was forced to beat the living crap out of any inmate that entered his cell for fear of his own safety and reputation. After basically having my attorney friend mail a certified letter to every one that matters at Central Office he was actually given a cell with a half way decent cellie. All the while living in this freezing cell unable to wear pants.

In the mean time, with each move, items were lost or broken including his fan, pants, shirts, headphones, books and CD's.

He was not given toiletries for weeks when he first went in and then was moved on shower days and missed having a shower for 9 days straight at one point. When he was moved to SMU1 it took them 15 days to get "some" of his property.

We missed out on 1808 hours of visitation, countless hours of phone privleges, 1 food visit...Veterans day visit...during this 5 months I just so happened to get laid off of my job, almost lost my home, my son's birthday, my birthday, his birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years were all spent with him unable to call on any of those special days.

The saddest of it all my children visited twice, and both times my children cried more than they ever had during a visit...as a matter of fact it was the first time my children had cried at a visit and all the way home we all just cried and let it all out. It was awful. Both my kids and my emotions have been wearing thin, and my husband was unbelievably patient and forgiving.

Love is patient, Love is Kind, Love is Long Suffering....we absolutly have Love.

And if you who did this to us is reading this post, and I think that you are...what goes around, comes around. One Day you will get what you have coming to you...that's just how it works....so I have no anger or hate and I forgive you....we forgive you.

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