Thursday, March 26, 2009

PTO...Give Me a BREAK!!

Prisontalk is supposed to be a support for people who have a loved one in prison...unless your name is briandi. I think the PTO moderators don't like me for some reason. Practically every post I make, every thread I start gets moved, or flat out deleted and I get a nasty...very rude, condescending, sarcastic PM back that I'm dumbfounded by. Like I should know better, but I honestly am just not understanding what the issue they have with how or what I post. I tried to get the prison community attention and post the urgency of this Truth in Sentencing issue and I have to re-post it, re-write it, move it, delete it...3 or 4 times. Finally, FedX the main mod combines it to one thread.....but this is after I am treated like dirt by the other mods. I'm on there to help (and according to a lot of people I DO HELP) not to be a PTO thanks so much for the support....WHATEVER!! The friends I have met through PTO I am truly grateful for but I think I'm done with posting on PTO.

I guess you can call me a trouble maker! I don't try to create problems, but apparently PTO has a problem with me telling anyone publicly about my blog. Another thing that's "Against PTO Policy". What's funny is that I was told back in October that I could not post my blog address on the public forum, so I didn't. I didn't even post anything on this blog really after that until I got a "WARNING" that I couldn't post my blog...which I hadn't since I was told in Oct that I couldn't. I guess someone asked me how they could be a part of Arizona Prison Wives Club...which really isn't a club it's just a blog where I had posted letters that people could use to sent to the department of corrections. A handy place to put them so they didn't get lost in the myriad of posts on PTO. I wasn't ever trying to pull anyone from PTO just a place to go to grab the letters. Easy enough. So, I had asked PTO for help on a personal issue months ago, and I got no response...then another one of my posts gets deleted. Over what? I'm still unclear at this point. Maybe it's because I said you can't always trust what you say will be taken in trust and to be careful what you say and who you say it to...Oh NO..PTO's reputation might be ruined! Who knows. Anyway, I get reprimanded WARNED for having a blog that I posted it on someones info page. I don't even know it was months ago that I did it but I get warned months later??

I guess I'd let it all rest if it wasn't really just nit picking and not particularly for the reason the rules were imposed. If I were to make a rule like that, it would be for people trying to solicit. I'm not soliciting? Nor was I trying to pull people away from since they are so worried about my blogger blog...I'm going to post here A LOT more...and I'm not going to hide anything....this IS AMERICA after all and I have THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. So what do you bet I get banned from PTO again?? Oh well, not much is going on in the AZ forum anymore anyways.

Here are some examples of the kind of PM's I've received after a post I put in for inmate petitions:

Thread Deleted.

Reason: I suspect you know.....please stop

I Asked:
This is not a duplicate, I took time to re-write this and post this in the correct place. I really don't know what I am doing wrong. Honestly, I'm feeling like you guys are just doing this on purpose. Please help me understand what I can do to post this correctly.

PTO's Response:
Briandi, don't play cute. *Reworded* is not *different*. b You've been around and around this, and no-one is interested in cutting you any more slack about your machinations. That's why.
NimuaySite Mod

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