Monday, March 30, 2009

It's NOT a Rumor!

I calculated my husbands release and with a TR he should have been home Feb 2009, without a TR May 2009, since it's possibly going into effect in Sept, then he would be home then. He said that a bunch of guys in his dorm were sent up to have release pictures taken and he was brought up to have his release packet started!! He is supposed to be home May 2010....WOW would that be a great thing to have him home in September!!! I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but watching this video certainly didn't help! I want a copy of that document!! I wonder if the Gov will ask DOC to do a 20% reduction in spending. Even if it's 15% or 10% they are still going to have release guys, there is really no way around that. Not at the rate of imprisonment the courts are reporting. I really like how this article wasn't alerting to the public...WATCH OUT INMATES ARE GETTING RELEASED OH NO!! It was low key, and no big deal. This is the attitude we want the media to portray. Lots of prayers and lots of public awareness I think this is a reality for a lot of us to be hopeful for.

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