Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Up Against the Wall

I visited this last weekend on a last minute whim...he wasnt expecting me and I got up there pretty late 12:15 or so. Was greeted by the usualy pleasant CO Villa by reminding me that I had too many quarters (I always have kids with me so I wasn't thinking about it) No big deal I run back to my car 12:20...I go in and I'm waiting like 15 minutes, 20 minutes...thinking "what the hell is he doing trying to figure out what to wear?" 12:45 he finally greets me with a freshly shaven face and a smell too sweet for words. It was hot and I burn easily and there were no tables inside or outside in the shade. Now we all know that there is the perimeter fence that we must stay '2 feet away' right? I'm assuming unless posted otherwise or NO posting at all. At Manzanita there are picnic tables pushed up against a block wall that get the shade and there is no sign that says you cannot be up against this wall. I was finding the only cover from the sun I could up against this wall, when no less than a minute we are approached and told that we couldn't lean up against the wall and that if we were going to be outside we needed to be at a table. Oh no I don't think so!! As I am going off under my breath that this it total bullsh!t my husand is yanking my arm to calm down...the CO tells us to follow her....GOOD LORD what now! I was ready to go off and ask for the Sgt at this point. Poor Ms. Villa, she is so nice and easy going her superiors must be really making it difficult for her to be a good CO. She explained that they are watching another couple and that because this couple was having issues with the position and view in that particular spot, meant that we couldn't be there either. No shade, no reprive from the sun we sat at the picnic table while I burnt to a crisp!

We still had a great visit as always, inspite of the dumb rules they make up as they go along.

The kiss goodbye is getting shortened as well or she's "Gonna be writing some tickets" boy will I be glad when this is over.

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